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Trinseo in Schkopau – leader in synthetic rubber technology

Illustration of Trinseo in Schkopau. Driven by innovation. 80 Years of Synthetic Rubber

From pioneer to innovator through team spirit

"Synthetic rubber is teamwork." Ralf Irmert, Managing Director Trinseo Deutschland GmbH, makes a clear statement. "At Schkopau we have a unique team with a proven, long-standing commitment and dedication to customers – this spirit is a key to our success."

Global tire and car manufacturers benefit from the expertise and capabilities of more than 500 employees in Schkopau: More than 80 percent of our synthetic rubber products are used for the tire manufacturing of our customers.

Founded in 1937, the Schkopau site was the first-ever producer of synthetic rubber on an industrial scale. The plant has seen several name changes, different owners as well as sustainable and successful expansion. Today, Trinseo Synthetic Rubber is a global technology leader in the challenging performance tire market and produces:

  • Solution styrene-butadiene rubber (S-SBR)
  • Emulsion styrene-butadiene rubber (E-SBR)
  • Neodymium-butadien Rubber (Nd-BR)
  • Nickel-butadiene rubber (Ni-BR)
  • Lithium-butadiene rubber (Li-BR)
Trinseo in Schkopau. 80 Years of Synthetic Rubber. Sepctrum of Applications.

A differentiated player in the high-value performance tire market

As a leading producer of synthetic rubber for tires and performance tires we are aware of the strong market demands for fuel efficiency and safe tires that our customers are facing. The extended Trinseo Synthetic Rubber portfolio is focused on our customers' needs to produce high-quality tires providing low rolling resistance, high grip, and high abrasion resistance.

A typical passenger car's tire is made from up to 20 different components. Performance tires are much more complex and need more than 60 raw materials (polymers, fillers, oils, resins, etc.). Our materials support the different requirements given by parameters such as winter/summer, size, speed, and technology of the target tire application.

Trinseo in Schkopau. 80 Years of Synthetic Rubber. Advanced Performance Elastomers.

To meet the advanced needs of performance tires technology, we developed our S-SBR technology toolbox for the optimum combination of fuel efficiency, safety, and wear. Trinseo S-SBR provides a tailored polymer microstructure that improves grip and handling for high performance tires. Our batch process technology makes it possible to control tailored molecular design for optimized performance processing balance. Unique S-SBR functionalization technology helps to reduce energy loss and enables lower rolling resistance.

Intensive R&D and close integration make the difference

Our long history and experience in Schkopau is the basis for the future-driven growth of the team's expertise and the ongoing innovation and optimization of our products and services. We continue to develop differentiated products focused on our customers' increasing needs through an intensive research and development program. Approximately 15 percent of our team members in Schkopau work in or for R&D.

An outstanding advantage of Trinseo Synthetic Rubber in Schkopau is the close integration of all departments and teams: operations, maintenance, technical service and development, supply chain management, research and development, as well as the tech center. "This offers more flexibility and a quicker response time to meet customer demands," explains Ralf Irmert.

Further expansion for even more flexibility and efficiency

Trinseo Schkopau is committed to the highest levels of process safety and contingency. We have implemented state-of-the-art safety standards, and the mechanical reliability of our manufacturing site over the last five years has achieved between 95 and 98 percent.

One of our important expansion projects is the upcoming pilot plant for S-SBR, which will start operations in Q4 2017. It will enable more efficient and flexible development of our high-quality products for the performance tire market. With further capacity expansion for S-SBR coming in 2018, we are focusing on our customers' demands and the market's sustainability trends.

Trinseo in Schkopau. 80 Years of Synthetic Rubber. S-SBR capacity expansion 2018

Driven by innovation

“The last 80 years have transformed Schkopau into the unique offering we have for the synthetic rubber industry with a site that is able to deliver innovative and consistent quality. We have best-in-class, integrated assets and a strong knowledge base, which enable us to respond to industrial requirements and customers’ needs,” said Samer Al Jabi, Global Business Director Synthetic Rubber. "Through this transformation, two things remain constant: our ties to the Schkopau plant and our team’s focus on our customers. The Schkopau plant has a bright future.”

Are you interested in more information about Trinseo Synthetic Rubber and the products and services of our team in Schkopau? Please contact our Global Marketing Communications Leader, Marjolein Groeneweg, via email to mgroeneweg@trinseo.com