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Trinseo powers SPE Automotive Innovation Awards 2018 winners

SPE Automotive Award 2018 Trinseo FCA Ford

Award for thermoplastic liftgate on FCA's 2019 Jeep Cherokee made of Trinseo’s PP-LGF 

Automakers, suppliers, engineers and plastics experts gathered in suburban Detroit, MI, USA on November 7, 2018 for the Society of Plastics Engineers’ 48th annual Automotive Innovation Awards Gala. It is the oldest and largest competition of its kind in the automotive and plastics industries.

SPE Automotive Award 2018 for FCA 2019 Jeep Cherokee Liftgate including Trinseo PP LGF

2019 Jeep Cherokee liftgate incl. DLGF 9411  (Copyrights: SPE Automotive)

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) was honored with the SPE Innovation Award in the “Body Exterior” category for the thermoplastic liftgate on its 2019 Jeep Cherokee. The thermoplastic liftgate replaces the steel design and allows for a 28 percent mass reduction in addition to a 50 percent tooling and capital investment saving. Trinseo is proud to have contributed to this success with our long glass-fiber reinforced Polypropylene (PP-LGF) material DLGF 9411 enabling the molded-in-color grain surface.

“The automotive industry now feels the need for innovative lightweight solutions and modern cost-effective materials more than ever,” said Jim Otis, Trinseo’s Commercial Director Automotive North America. “Our PP-LGF product provides up to 50 percent lighter parts and enables metal replacement. We are glad that we could implement this innovative solution in the new Jeep Cherokee, and that the many years of efforts by our technical team contributed to FCA receiving this prize.”

SPE Automotive Innovation Awards 2018 FCA Ford Transit Connect interlocking mechanism incl. Trinseo MAGNUM™ 3325MT

SPE Innovation Awards 2018 for FCA and Ford  (Copyrights: SPE Automotive)

Award for Ford interlocking mechanism made of MAGNUM™ 3325MT ABS

Ford is the other Trinseo partner winning a SPE Innovation Award in 2018, which was distinguished in the “Safety” category for its interlocking mechanism design for side impact on the 2019 Transit Connect van. This patent-pending interlocking mechanism improves door trim performance during side impact by preventing the fracturing or separating of components that could cause sharp edges and endanger passengers. It also replaces the need for metal bracket reinforcement solutions, avoiding 3.7 kg in weight per vehicle. Ford’s award-winning application is made of Trinseo’s MAGNUM™ 3325MT ABS.

Ford interlocking mechanism with Trinseo MAGNUM™ 3325MT

2019 Ford Transit Connect interlocking mechanism incl. MAGNUM™ 3325MT  (Copyrights: SPE Automotive) 

Providing materials for 2 out of 10 award-winning parts at SPE Automotive Innovation Competition confirms once again that Trinseo’s broad portfolio of automotive rigid and soft-touch plastics and proven research and development expertise help our customers to find the best solution for every challenge they meet – be it premium aesthetics and haptics, weight reduction, improved safety, processing flexibility, and cost effectiveness.

If you want to learn more about the awards and the distinguished materials, please contact mgroeneweg@trinseo.com 

(Header image copyrights: SPE Automotive )