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VW Golf Sportsvan folding table made from MAGNUM™ 3416SC

MAGNUM™ 3416SC for VW Golf Sportsvan folding table

Supporting a premium technical and aesthetical level

Volkswagen’s first generation of the VW Golf Plus was a long-term seller with more than 930,000 sold cars in 9 years. For the second generation called VW Golf Sportsvan starting in March 2014, the German OEM calculated with approximately 100,000 sold cars per year and presented a completely reworked car on a premium technical and aesthetic level. For the folding table VW cooperated with tier 1 Boryszew, a leading global manufacturer of synthetic and plastic automotive applications.

We could support this technological specialist and VW with MAGNUM™ 3416SC in combination with a Trinseo masterbatch as the right material for the production of the new VW Sportsvan’s rear folding table. Our high heat and high impact reference ABS grade MAGNUM™ 3416SC is approved against VW specifications VAG VW TL 527-A and VAG VW TL 527-B. It was in use for similar applications in the previous generation of the VW Tiguan and in other models such as the VW Sharan and Touran.

MAGNUM™ 3416SC for VW Golf Sportsvan folding table detail

Trinseo masterbatch and MAGNUM™ 3416SC as perfect combination

The folding table is an unpainted part and needs a surface of high scratch resistance. Pleasant haptic and premium aesthetic were important requirements, that our material could provide. So, too, it could offer the necessary high impact strength and good dimensional stability for the final part.

MAGNUM™ 3416SC is renowned for product stability during processing and allows for optimal machine parameters setting from the start. It met all the OEM’s needs in combination with our proprietary masterbatch which is optimized for our ABS resin offering a consistent coloring throughout the application. The combination enables easy processing and allows for cost-saving potential, manufacturing a part of high functionality and aesthetic without a step of coloring, painting or coating and without a cost-intensive stock-inventory of color additives.

If you like to know more, get in contact with the Trinseo team in this project:

Alessandro Salato, Key Account Manager

Derk Fleischmann, Application Development Engineer VW