The new Trinseo MAGNUM™ brochure

MAGNUM™ – A staple in quality ABS production

Durable and tough, easy to process and cost-efficient: ABS is known as a popular solution for a wide range of applications produced for various end-markets. For decades, customers have trusted in Trinseo’s well-known family of ABS resins – whether in automotive, medical devices, consumer electronics and other industries. 

With MAGNUM™ we are delivering a high-quality material, granting an extra consistent white base color and thereby a purer, very cost-efficient polymer for self-coloring.

Trinseo’s well-known family of MAGNUM™ ABS resins

Purer, cleaner, superior

Trinseo’s proprietary continuous mass polymerization process results in a more consistent, stable, and reliable product. Therefore MAGNUM™ ABS Resins are purer, cleaner and of higher quality.

For decades, these features have supported designers and converters worldwide with differentiating their applications and providing end-user satisfaction.

We have gathered all relevant information on the MAGNUM™ family in an updated product brochure that is aligned with the look and feel of our latest We are MAGNUM™ campaign. 

The brochure features in-depth advantages of MAGNUM™ for customers

Our new MAGNUM™ brochure

The full brochure features in-depth advantages of MAGNUM™ for customers, such as cost-savings on coloring, thermal and processing stabilities, low gloss and low gel levels, high UV resistance and shorter pre-drying time. You can also find additional information on mass polymerization technology as well as an overview of product grades, application examples and voices of satisfied customers.

Please feel free to download the brochure as a useful tool for future meetings or for your own information. 

Click here to download the new MAGNUM™ brochure: